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Legal AgreementsRefund Policy

SnugFort respects your refund.





Products purchased from,may be refunded only if cancelled within the following timeframe:

Annual Plans+ - Within 7 days of the date of the transaction

Monthly Plans*+ - Within 48 hours of the date of the transaction.

*Monthly Plans include all plans with less than a 1-year term (e.g., 6 mos., 9 mos., etc.)

+Security products with remediation service cannot be refunded once a cleanup request has been submitted.

“Date of the transaction,” for the purpose of this Refund Policy, means the date of purchase of any product or service, which includes the date any renewal is processed by,in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable product or service agreement (see here).

You may cancel a product at any time, but a refund will only be issued if you request a refund via telephone with SnugFort customer service within the refund timeframe specified for the applicable product, if available at all.

Note: Some products have different policies or requirements for a refund associated with them, including some products that are not eligible for a refund under any circumstance. Please see below for refund terms applicable to such products.

This Policy is provided in the English language. To the extent any translation is provided to you, it is provided for convenience purposes only, and in the event of any conflict between the English and translated version, the English version will control and prevail.


Domain Backorders

If a Domain Backorder credit has been applied to an auction, then it is non-refundable (if not yet applied to an auction, eligible for a refund within 7 days of the date of the transaction).


For gTLD pre-registrations, application fees are non-refundable*.

Hosting Services

If a Hosting Service has already been performed, then it is non-refundable (if not yet performed, eligible for a refund within 7 days of the date of the transaction).

Trustee Fees

Trustee fees are refundable if the domain was not successfully registered. Trustee fees, however, are non-refundable upon renewal.

Website Security

Refunds are only available within 7 days of purchase and will only be issued in cases where a manual malware removal was not completed.

WordPress Premium Support

Refunds may be granted if the plan is cancelled prior to the end of the billing cycle and none of the credits have been used. If a Service has already been performed during the month, then that month is non-refundable (if not yet performed, eligible for a refund within 7 days of the date of the transaction). Future unused months of the services may also be refunded if the plan is cancelled and a pre-payment was made.


    ·Appraisals (Express and Certified Appraisals are non-refundable if the customer already applied the credit).

    ·Auctions Memberships

    ·Cloud Servers

    ·Configuration Add-Ons

    ·Discount Domain Club (if used for purchase)

    ·Domain: Auctions, Buy Service (you may request a refund ONLY IF you have not submitted a bid on the domain the service was purchased for), Consolidation or Monitoring

    ·Hosting Connection paid Apps (not refundable once set up)

    ·Merchant Accounts

    ·Office Max Bundles

    ·Premium Domain Names

    ·Redemption Fees

    ·Transfers (if successful)

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