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EnterpriseRouting,Switching Infrastructure

Power Supply, Network Deployment, and Application Service.

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Smart Edge Routing & Switching

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Network design and architecture

Load balancing design and implementation

Network function virtualization

Traffic flow and management

WAN acceleration and optimization

Software-defined networking

Wireless and BYOD mobility services

Network Security Documentation and knowledge transfer

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Enhance your network with the latest routing and switching solutions, ensuring all components continue to work together smoothly. Draw on CCIs expertise to deliver a superior user experience.


Our Smart Edge PoE Switches is a one-stop central networking solution that offers a flexible power supply, Web GUI management, and innovative virtualization applications to solve all your network problems.

Restaurant Franchise Applications

If you are a restaurant franchise owner, you might need digital signage to display new menus or ongoing promotions. You also need to make sure the POS system is connected at all times to ensure sales data is saved securely. An NVR surveillance system is required to ensure your environment security and for eliminating disputes involving theft. Moreover, your restaurant must provide Wi-Fi services to stay up to date.

Small Business IT Applications

If you are an IT professional for a small business, you often need to set up file servers for all employees to centrally store files. You will also need to create networks for connecting office equipment, such as network printers and VoIP phones. Setting up a firewall is also crucial in information security for mitigating internal attacks and external threats. In addition, a VPN connection is necessary to perform secure remote file transfers between headquarters and branch offices.

Hotel Applications

If you are an Hotel owner, both you and your customers can benefit from a smart access control system. Customers can check in with self-help kiosks upon arrival while browsing through room details and service packages. As an Hotel owner, you must provide WiFi for your customers so that they can easily check information and contact customer service via VoIP phones . Customers’ check-in data needs to be saved securely, and an IP surveillance system is required to ensure environmental security.

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